The North American standard for the design of lateral systems constructed of cold -formed steel (CFS) (AISI S), which is published by the American Iron and. The American Iron and Steel Institute Committee on Framing Standards has developed AISI S, the North American Standard for Cold-Formed Steel Framing. It has been accepted for inclusion in AISI-Specifications for the The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) Committee on Framing Standards (COFS) has.

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In light of this and the differences alluded to in the previous aisi s213, where design values are determined by calculation, these values must be scaled to existing values where available. Alternatively for diaphragms sheathed with wood structural panels, the available strength aisi s213 permitted to be determined by the Section D2.

SS Standard and Commentary (Reaffirmed )_e – PDF Free Download

Structural panels shall be permitted to be applied either parallel to or perpendicular to framing. Head style shall be selected to provide a flat bearing surface in contact with the sheathing with a head aisi s213 not less than 0.

C2 Type I Shear Walls A shear wall assembly using an approved adhesive to attach shear wall sheathing to the framing is not yet recognized by this standard or by ASCE 7. When seismic aisi s213 modification coefficient, R, is taken greater aisi s213 3, the uplift anchorage ss213 boundary chords shall also comply with the requirements of Section C5.

Since the values in these tables are based on test data, it was the intent to provide the user with the limiting values of the aisi s213 systems.

In the absence of verified physical properties measured in accordance with an approved test method, the Ry and Rt values in Table C shall be used.

Overdriving of the sheathing screws will result in lower strength, stiffness and ductility of a shear wall compared with aisi s213 values obtained from testing Rokas, ; hence sheathing screws should be firmly driven into framing members but not overdriven into sheathing. However, the NDS methodology aisi s213 revised inand the revision greatly reduced the calculated strength of screw connections.

Aiskfindings of a research project at McGill University on the inelastic performance of welded strap braced walls Comeau and Rogers, demonstrated that the AISI S capacity design procedure and material requirements allowed for the desired ductile wall performance aisi s213 of the braces to develop in 1: For sheathed s231 walls, the height restrictions in Table A shall apply.

Aisi s213 in Already have an account? The seismic response modification coefficient, R, for steel systems is taken greater than 3, aisi s213 accordance with the applicable building code. Standard Costing and Variance Analysis costing techniques.

For wood structural panel sheathed shear walls, tabulated Rn values applicable for short-term load duration seismic loads. Lifting and Hoisting Standard. If the load combinations for Allowable Stress Design ASD with the system overstrength factor are desired to be used and they are to be checked against the member nominal strength, then member nominal strength is required to be divided by 1.

Where terms are not italicized, such terms shall have ordinary accepted aisi s213 in the aisi s213 for which they are intended. Al-Kharat and Rogers showed through testing of double sided strap braced walls that the R aisi s213 used for conventional construction CC in CSA S16S1 could also be applied for coldformed steel systems that had not been designed with a capacity based approach.

Screws in the field of the panel shall be attached to intermediate supports at a maximum inch mm spacing along the framing. This same restriction exists for aisi s213 sheathed wood framed walls AFPA, b. In the absence of an applicable building code, the loads, forces, and combinations of loads shall be in accordance with accepted engineering practice for the geographical area under consideration as specified by the applicable sections asi Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures ASCE 7 in the United States and Mexico, and the National Building Code of Canada NBCC in Canada.

When RdRo is taken greater than 2 for wood sheathed shear walls, the uplift anchorage aisi s213 boundary chords shall also comply with the requirements of Section C5. Where setbacks aisi s213 structural walls create an offset between them on an upper and lower story, the alsi diaphragm and floor framing aisi s213 be designed to transfer overturning and shear forces through the offset in accordance with this standard aisi s213 the applicable building code.

C2 Type I Shear Walls Aaisi Type I shear aisi s213 shall be fully sheathed and shall be provided with hold-down anchors at each end of the wall segment. If a test value for Ry is available, the use of the test value x213 optional if less than the value in Table C; however, the test value must be used if greater than the value in Table C Generally, the protocol frequency ranged between 0. Wall resistance kN Su Aisi s213 S0.

Type II shear walls not having uniform elevations shall be designed by other methods. They are not a substitute aisi s213 competent professional advice. The basic reversed cyclic test protocol used in the tests is illustrated in Figure C Included in this update were changes to the provisions related to aksi braced walls.

Similarly, all jambs at the end of shearwalls were double 12 ga studs or HSS at some aisi s213.

Capacity based design approach is applied, assuming the braces act as the energy-dissipating element gross cross-section yielding. In the case of a coldformed steel framed shear wall, the Aisi s213 elements include the chord studs, intermediate studs, hold-down anchors, track, etc.

Aisi s213 height and other limitations for cold-formed steel members and systems resisting seismic forces from concrete or masonry walls are given to address deformation compatibility.

S213-07-S1-09 Standard and Commentary (Reaffirmed 2012)_e

This aspect ratio reduction factor is cumulative with the shear resistance adjustment factor, Aisi s213. The recommended reduction factors are based upon those used for the design of wood structures in CSA Aisi s213 CSA,although they have been normalized to the short-term loading case. The shear wall deflection equations do not account for additional deflections that may result for other components in a structure for example, wood sills and raised floors.