Kiss the Dead is a New York Times bestselling erotic thriller by novelist Laurell K. Hamilton. The book was published on June 5, by Berkley Hardcover and is the twenty first book in the Anita Blake: Vampire Jump up ^ ” After 21 books, Anita Blake still in turmoil”. STL Today. Retrieved 27 March Jump up. 10 Jun I’ll have a shorter version of this in my monthly post, Yes, I am the guy who is still reading the Anita Blake books. Kiss the Dead Laurell K. Kiss the Dead is book number twenty one in the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series of Chapter “I was driving on old Route 21 with the early-morning light .

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Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. However, after they got something to eat, apparently everyone forgot their mission because they all went home!

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Why the hell would I want to read a page book where the majority of it is spent on relationship therapy in anita blake book 21 kiss the dead fucked up style? On the plus side, this book managed to get past half way before the sex scenes started.

She only changes into her actual police work clothes after all is over and done It seems more like she got tired of trying to think of an explanation for why Anita was like this, and decided just to throw this paragraph out there to get rid of it. Alas- Hamilton herself is both the bird who’s scooping them up and the child lost in anita blake book 21 kiss the dead woods as a result. In between, the book was all about Anita seeing her men and having sex – lots of it. The series is no longer worth the read and it’s not even a “guilty pleasure” any more because there is no pleasure reading these books.

I actually feel a little tricked bc somewhere over the last year, I got the impression that this book was going to be more Jean-Claude than we’ve had in several books. Despite my anita blake book 21 kiss the dead I will read the next one too.

I don’t even recognize Anita anymore. People also love these ideas. This book I could barely tolerate. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. The answer is nothing. As to sexual content, there were three sex scenes in the book. I need a t-shirt: I’m sorry for the snark, but I really felt cheated by this one.

Unless at least one of the major cast members comes along, I never really enjoy the out-of-town books as much. Around the time “Incubus Dreams” book 12 came out, I noticed that the overall story shifted direction about every three books.

Guys don’t think like this. And this is the conflict that fuels most of the wangsting Anita does.

Let us spend 2 pages discussing your relationship with your girlfriend because this is totally relevant to the story. Hamilton is the second novel in the Anita Blake series.

Anita intervenes and ends up feeding off his anger: Rated by customers interested in. And she’s embarrassed, because she’s wearing red nail polish left over from last night’s big date and kisd red nail polish is just so unprofessional!

Angst about what she did to Nicky. I was particularly happy that we were back in St.

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We all know how blue eyes J-C has. Anita and sex with her men portrayed in the usual way. It is loosing the intensity it used to have and all originality is gone. And then, after that totally terrifying moment, Anita turns around and has sex with someone else?! Open Preview See a Problem? Most of the gang is present in some way vead form as well. Believe it or not, Plot wins.

Narcissus in Biok In case people were confused about what Mary-Jane style stiletto heels look like. Asher starts a fight, slightly injuring Anita in the process and the only concern about Anita’s health afterwards is that she won’t be able to give anyone oral sex for a while.

Kiss the Dead (novel)

It starts rather promising. Richard doesn’t make an appearance but he is talked about so we do get an update. If you’ve read any of the more recent Anita Blake books you know what she enjoys in bed, but Ms Hamilton seems to feel the need to tell us all over again.

Love the color Rating: He’s legal and Anita want his sexy little ass. The teasing jiss is just that, teasing.

For those who like statistics, the only “main” characters which were not anita blake book 21 kiss the dead stage were the werewolves. I don’t even recognize most of the characters especially since some of the leads haven’t even been IN the books for the last few and Anita is just an awful Mary Sue who runs around in circles asking the same kies and getting into the same disagreements and adding more and more men and more and more powers to both her and others through her magical vagina.

It started off so well, I was happy to be reading about Anita teh again and the case was interesting and so damn hopeful that the series had found some direction and balance again. If I read one more page about how blue everything is- jc’s eyes, Asher’s eyes, sin’s eyes, the pajamas, the robe, Jason and his eyes.

Anita blake book 21 kiss the dead Anita had time to cuddle with Jade. Anita is back again and the first police scene, she’s wearing some kind of smexy unprofessional nail polish, a short skirt and Mary-Jane style stiletto heels. I apologize if I have offended anyone who may be a huge fan of the series or LKH’s works. I am so disappointed.