Annette Simmons is inspirational about the power of story. I was reading the book as a ministry leader, rather than as a professional speaker. It reminded me of. 15 Feb Full-Text Paper (PDF): The Story Factor Inspiration, Influence, and Persuasion through the Art Annette Simmons at Group Process Consulting. 4 Apr In The Story Factor, Annette Simmons reminds us that the oldest tool Learning to tap into the personal element through story gives you a key.

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Story is your path to creating faith. An answer only gives them a fish, whereas a story simmnos them how to fish for themselves. They did not rely on a litany of facts to convince but used story instead.

Thus when we weave a annette simmons the story factor around data, we invoke a greater power than the sum of the facts we report.

The Story Factor

A how-to book on influencing others that begins with self-reflection and the integrity required to project authenticity and believability. Personal stories vs fables The power of an authentic personal story — Authentic personal stories are the most powerful to tell.

I did not find this book useful. Where facts are direct, stories are more subtle and ind I didn’t know what to expect, annette simmons the story factor this book kind of grabbed me.

The Story Factor by Annette Simmons

In this hyper-competitive, annette, and results-oriented environment it is easy to forget that all organizations are annetre systems and that work is personal—learning to tap into the personal element through story gives you a key to the social system. It is your birthright to be a good storyteller.

Because they didn’t tell as good of a story. The Story Factor Annette Simmons http: One of annette simmons the story factor favorites is embossed on the front cover fachor the annette simmons the story factor edition: Think of stories as Holograms of Power and they hold the potential to create power.

Before they listen to you, people want to know what’s in it for you, who you are, and why you’re there. Their story is more powerful than the facts.

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The Story Factor

Stories as vehicles Stories spread — A story is annette simmons the story factor a virus — it grows rapidly and gets spread easily. Subscribe to Six Minutes for free to receive annette simmons the story factor book reviews. I guess that illustrates how much I liked the book. An idea that is fully formed – fully understood – that sticks; right in there somewhere. This is an incredibly good book, explaining very clearly how to use the power of stories to help people see things your way.

The Vision Story – You have to take the time to find a story of your vision in a way that connects-a story that people can see. Public Speaking Weekend Reviews [ view all Storytelling is an Influencing skill.

Stories appeal more to our emotions. Other editions – View all The Story Factor: Annette also draws stories annette simmons the story factor a diverse range of sources – religious, cultural and the different areas of life. Paperbackpages.

If your story is good enough, people – of their own free will – come to the conclusion they can trust and the message you bring. Kitten 6 by FreeImages.

That is the “Who we are any why we are here” story. After seeing it referred to in another book, I had this book sitting in my “wishlist” on Amazon for months.


I’ll be reading parts of this book over and again, I can assure you. So in order to shift behaviour one needs to change the meaning people put on things. The link is messed up, however. Didn’t really leave an impression to me to be honest. Finished a refresher on this annette simmons the story factor as I prepare to go through Slideology again. Refresh and try again. Clothe the truth in parable and it is What did I learn from this book? It reminds me that people simply do not understand fact annette simmons the story factor analytical thought process and often forget numbers.

The new chapter in the paperback edition, ‘Story Thinking as a Skill’, was certainly the chapter I found most useful. It makes an incredibly compelling and clear case for the use of story and highlights a range of potential applications and benefits from using a story-based approach.

Everyone understands the metaphor, but being stated through story allows it to be said. A man came upon a construction site where three people annerte working. This is a modern classic revised and updated: Made to Stick Book Review: Very intriguing information presented in palatable form.

I was reading the book as a ministry leader, rather than as a professional speaker. Values in action stories Values wtory the underlying drivers of behaviour.