31 Oct APR is no longer manufacured and entered the obsolete parts list. APR was a low cost high performance sound record/play IC. 18 May ICStation team introduce you this APR voice recording and playback system used in elevator based on the ICStation Mega Product Details. Product Name, Voice Recorder Chips. Part Number, APR Description, SINGLE-CHIP VOICE RECORDING & PLAYBACK DEVICE DIP.

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Apr9600 the restart button iii. When the satellite signal is receieved by the GPS, the latitude and longitude of the current location is displayed on apr9600 LCD. Low voltage, low power DC power supply units are commonly inte- grated with the devices they supply, such as computers and household apr9600.

The apr9600 phase would involve recording of the voice in the voice module. The only major disadvantage of this system apr9600 the wpr9600 taken by the GPS to receive its initial signal apr9600 the sa- tellite, i.

However, by changing an apr9600 resistor, a sam- pling rate as high as 8. The IC can operate in one of two modes: Doing so, we can track the movement of the Blind person in a very efficient manner. apr9600

APR9600 Voice Recording Playback Module Support Single Chip

When we finish recording, the selection button is released. While still apr9600 the selection button, we can record a 5sec message.

For example, you have given logic 1 apr9600 M1 then that particular voice will playback. This microcontroller has a program in it written in such a way apr9600 it accepts the hex file from the PIC compiler apr9600 dumps this hex file into the micro- controller which is to be programmed. When making a Apr9600 we have the option of making a single sided board, or a double sided board. The locations names are pre recorded in the voice circuit and are announced when the person reaches those particular locations.

Pin 1 is MCLR master clear pin apr9600 also referred as reset pin.

Apr9600, you have to ape9600 voice for 8 -different input. All normal C data types are supported along with pointers to constant arrays, fixed apr9600 decimal, and arrays of bits.

Since we are apr9600 eight se- lection buttons in this system we apr9600 record eight differ- ent voice messages. Then, using a push button and different selection buttons we record the voice. The apr9600 of the system incorporates two stages; first the apr9600 based audio recording stage and second, the navigation of apr96600 blind person using the signal apr9600 the GPS receiver.

A double sided board is more expensive to produce professionally, more difficult to etch on a DIY board, but makes the layout of components apr9060 lot apr9600 and easier.


After getting the signal, if we want to store the present location as an alerting location for the blind person, the following procedure will do the needful — i. Ask New Question Sign In. GPS apr9600 accurate location and time informa- tion for an unlimited number of people in all weather, day and apr9600, anywhere in the world. These compilers are specifically designed to meet the unique apr9600 of the PIC microcontroller. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the apr9600.

Read the datasheet of APR Second Duration user manual http: Please refer to datasheet of APR How do I interface two LDR with apr9600 micro controller for solar tracking? If a lot of parts are being used in a small space apr9600 may be difficult to make a single sided board without jumpering over traces with a cable.

How do you interface mpu with ? Now when the blind person enters these regions loca- tions with this system the voice module will announce the location names as we had recorded them with respect to the stored locations.

Bread- boards are great for prototyping apr9600 as apr9600 allows great flexibility to modify a design when apr9600 howev- er the final product of a project, ideally should have a neat PCB, few apr9600, and survive a shake test. A great advertising solution to get high quality apr9600. The working of the system can be divided into two phases.


While both the buttons are pressed, we hear a beep sound from the speaker, indicating that we can release the push but- ton. GPS based blind apr9600 device with user input interfacing voice based intellectually finds the current spr9600 and gives the alert to the blind man if it was his destination area.

All the pins of the zpr9600 are for interfacing input output devices. There is a simple process involved in recording these eight messages. Apr9600 is a programmer which apr9600 contains a microcontroller in it other than the one which is to be programmed. It consists of 6 pins apr9600 A0 to A5 Port Apr9600