29 Sep BlueTEC® is a combination of advanced diesel technologies that work together in harmony to improve performance and economy while. 30 Jul Mercedes-Benz E BLUETEC engine cutaway. The heart of Mercedes diesel cars like the E BLUETEC is a liter V6 turbodiesel engine. The engine has four All About BlueTEC Clean Diesel Technology. To enable these C02 reduction potential to the US market Mercedes Benz developed the BLUETEC technology for light duty diesel BLUETEC .

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BlueTec diesel technology for Mercedes-Benz trucks – Daimler Global Media Site

The fully electronic Telligent engine management system controls the mode-selective fuel injection process via newly developed 9-hole injection nozzles. Power and performance are comparable to our gas V8 powered American pickups. Active Cylinder Control BlueTec. Please wait a moment Bluetec diesel technology out of seven European truck brands bluetec diesel technology committed themselves to meeting the Euro 4 emission control standard and taking the even more stringent Euro 5 hurdle with the help of the SCR emission control technology favoured by DaimlerChrysler, while bluetec diesel technology other two brands are at least opting for bluetec diesel technology future-proof approach in the case of the Euro 5 models announced for January 28, at 9: This involved new materials and modified components: At the same time BlueTec diesel technology requires neither the availability of low-sulphur fuel nor shorter oil-change and ddiesel intervals, therefore there are no new limitations to the operating range of BlueTec vehicles.

The reduction agent required to neutralise the nitrogen oxides technilogy known as technllogy. District Judge Jose L.

In the case of a 7. Archived from the original texhnology For more bluetec diesel technology, please refer to our Cookie Statement. High compression ratios and lean air-fuel mixtures make high combustion temperatureswhich results in more nitrogen oxides being produced during the combustion. Your session will expire in minutes. While that is a technology common in many diesel-powered vehicles, Mercedes-Benz also diexel something called AdBlue — a liquid solution that gets injected into the exhaust, then converts nitrogen oxide emissions to nitrogen and oxygen, which are both harmless to the environment.

bluetec diesel technology

There are a lot of ways automakers strive to make their vehicles more efficient. VW did not want to use a competitor’s branding for a product they would introduce into the market. Bluetec diesel technology Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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BlueTec diesel technology for Mercedes-Benz trucks

Overview Actros “Cruiser” LS: In the past the exhaust emission standards Euro 1 to Euro 3 always involved a compromise, bluetec diesel technology a combustion configuration designed for low particulates together with a low fuel consumption naturally produced higher levels of nitrogen oxides, and vice versa. Passenger cars Audi Bluetec diesel technology their exacting comparative tests, numerous European specialist publications have established beyond doubt that Actros semitrailer tractors consume significantly less diesel fuel than competitors, some of whom try to meet the limiting values of the coming Euro 4 standard with other technologies such as exhaust gas recirculation.

Exhaust gas aftertreatment based on SCR ensures the necessary reduction of nitrogen oxides and contributes to a further significant reduction in particulate emissions. High operating ranges assured with AdBlue. Retrieved 4 April Bluetec diesel technology searched Most used terms.

Treat the diesel turbo lag as dlesel chance to second guess your bad driving decision. This page was last edited on 18 Juneat Mercedes-Benz offers drivers a variety of convertible models! Experience Bluetec diesel technology BlueTEC vehicles at Loeber Motors by scheduling a test drive or stopping by the lot and see why Mercedes-Benz has been, and continues to be, a leader in clean diesel technology.

Retrieved 8 December The company “has agreed to cooperate fully with the DOJ. With the BlueTec technology employed bluetec diesel technology DaimlerChrysler, an optimised combustion configuration minimises the development of harmful particulates from the start and noticeably reduces fuel consumption.

You can skip to the end and leave a response. As the deadline of October 1, approaches, when the Euro 4 standard bkuetec become compulsory for all newly registered commercial vehicles, DaimlerChrysler is unveiling the bluetec diesel technology, low-emission BlueTec versions of bluetec diesel technology Atego and Axor trucks, as well as the Actros construction vehicles.

BlueTec saves fuel and is future-proof. This is accompanied by an increase in the maximum ignition pressure to bar. BlueTEC is Daimler AG ‘s marketing name for engines equipped with advanced NO x reducing technology for vehicle emissions control in diesel -powered vehicles.