manuals, contact your local Intermec representative or distributor. Visit the Intermec . SR61 Wrist Strap: P/N xxx: The wrist strap provides you with a. SR60 Scanner Programmer’s Reference Manual. Intermec Technologies Corporation. Worldwide Headquarters. 36th Ave.W. Everett, WA U.S.A. Support Portal · Downloads · Manuals · Returns and Repairs Like the rest of the proven SR61 scanner family, these models incorporate a rugged design and .

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You can configure the SR Configuration Command Reference Use this chapter to learn about the configuration commands supported on the SR The lights on the SR61 indicate the status of the battery, a intermec sr61 manual decode of a bar code, or the status of the Bluetooth connection.

There can intermec sr61 manual other data fields after the Serial Number, usually either AppIDs or DataIDs, which are governed by whether or not there are alpha characters in the serial number. To connect to a host device, you may need to install EasySet, an Intermec configuration application that intermec sr61 manual you to configure the SR Connecting And Configuring Intermec sr61 manual Sr61 Use this chapter to understand how to connect the SR61 ontermec a host device and configure the SR61 to communicate with your application.

White Papers 2D Revolution: SR61, and how to install, configure, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot it.

The scan engine option of your SR61 is the sixth character of the configuration number. Use this intermec sr61 manual to solve problems you may have while using the SR You need to configure two parameters for Plessey code: Then, manuzl the bar codes onscreen with your SR61, or print intermec sr61 manual setup sheet and scan the bar codes.

Incomparable – breakthrough near-to-far area imaging technology enables hassle-free 1D and 2D scanning from intermec sr61 manual contact to over 50 feet away Easy to use – laser spot aimer and omni-directional scanning make targeting simple, even at long ranges Future proofed – ready for the increasing use of 2D and stacked bar code symbologies Rugged – designed to withstand drops to concrete or steel from 6.

intermec sr61 manual Related Documents SR61, and how to install, configure, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot it. Page of 82 Go. You can use one of these applications: This chapter contains these topics: There may be other U. Related Documents Mannual, and how to install, configure, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot it.

Intermec SR61BXR Cordless Hand Held Scanner

Common preambles include a data location number or an operator number. Your SR61 emits an error beep without affecting the manula of your SR61, when you scan a configuration intermec sr61 manual code that is damaged or unknown.

Page 10 in PDF. Using Vibrate Alert The aiming beam is smaller when the imager is closer to the bar code and larger intermec sr61 manual it is further away. When you reset the SR61, the scanner control firmware is restarted.

The SR61 is trying to establish a Bluetooth connection with the host computer, or the SR61 is moving rs61 of range of the host computer. Data Editing Data editing allows you to edit data scanned by the SR61 before it is transmitted to your host. You can use one of these applications: To print the manual completely, please, download it. Understanding The Lights The lights on the SR61 indicate the status of the battery, a mamual decode of a bar code, or the status of the Bluetooth connection.

You can set Good Read Beep Duration to a value from 0 off to ms. Scanning Bar Codes Intermec sr61 manual exposure to the laser beam can damage your intermec sr61 manual.


When the SR61 is in the 1-bay intermec sr61 manual, the status light indicates the battery charging status. To print the manual completely, please, download it. By default, the Bluetooth Device Page command is disabled.

The scanner beam blinks while the SR61 is waiting to transmit data. For enhanced security, you should configure your SR61 for limited discoverability, which allows the SR61 to be discoverable by Bluetooth management applications for only 30 seconds.

You can use one of these applications: If the status light on the SR61 turns red when you try to turn on the scanner, you need to charge the battery. You can set trigger timeout from 1 to seconds. Intermec sr61 manual this illustration, the scan engine option is V or 1D linear imager.

These characteristics are controlled by configuration commands. This graphic does not include the 0. Events Calendar Glossary of Terms. EasySet to locate the SR To scan a bar code label with a laser scanner or 1D linear imager 1 Point the SR61 at the bar code label and hold the SR61 at a slight intermec sr61 manual 15 to 25 cm 6 to 10 in from the label.

Connecting as a keyboard wedge lets your host PC receive data from the SR61 as it would from a keyboard. Information and specifications contained in this document are subject intermec sr61 manual change without prior notice and do not represent a commitment on the part of Intermec Technologies Corporation.

Intermec sr61 manual eBook download

Page 18 You just scanned the Administrator Reset several seconds Factory Defaults intermec sr61 manual code and the non-volatile memory is being written. Make sure the blue light flashes red for two Intermec Ready-to-Work indicator is on and the SR61 is seconds, and the scanner beeps connected intermec sr61 manual your host device. Causes the SR61 to perform a restart and restores all configuration commands to their default settings, only if no settings are locked.

Predefined Security Levels Defines the security level to use when decoding bar codes.

interemc Understanding The Beeps The SR61 is intermec sr61 manual to establish a Bluetooth intermec sr61 manual with the host computer, or the SR61 is moving out of range of the host computer. Disable All Symbologies SR61 is not changed. To order accessories, contact your local Intermec sales representative.

Page 43 Intermec sr61 manual 3 — Troubleshooting and Maintaining intermec sr61 manual SR61 To itnermec the scanner window 1 Dip a clean towel or rag intermec sr61 manual soapy intermec sr61 manual, sr and water solution, intermce isopropyl alcohol and wring out the excess. You should also be familiar with Bluetooth communications.