DANGER:Always unplug the treadmill before cleaning or removing the motor cover. Use this treadmill only for its intended use as described in this manual. Home and Commercial Treadmill. Diagnostic and Service Manual. Dt. Addendum. Version C For Technical Service Call 1-()-LANDICE. To start your Landice treadmill: Pressing the START button powers up the treadmill and all displays will light. The treadbelt will begin moving at mph.

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Elevation system landcie functioning or Landice l7 manual Pot Out error code displayed in the two digit speed window. Running a Built-In Program 1. The test increases in difficulty manul raise your heart rate. The Settings Screen shown at right provides four settings: Lower Control Panel Control 1. In Manual Mode, you and only you can change the speed and elevation as well as view one of the landice l7 manual motivational screens.

Replacement Parts Figure The front roller will not be damaged by the adjustment providing these steps are followed.

Deck and Treadbelt This procedure provides information for installing a new treadbelt or deck or just reversing the deck for a new surface. Remove upright side lwndice.

Stop adjusting the foot when the bubble is centered on the level. Remove the emergency stop landice l7 manual, which is secured with four screws, 7l shown in Lower Control Panel Com- landice l7 manual. Swipe the touchscreen left or right to switch screens or use the arrow buttons. Your THRZ represents the minimum and maximum number of times your heart should beat in one minute of exercise.

lanndice Table describes the information provided. The Sheave pulley is pressed onto the roller and allows transfer of movement from Drive Landice l7 manual to Treadbelt. Executive Treadmill Operation indicates that any future speed or grade changes will trigger the creation of a new segment.


Pulse Grips 2 Detects pulse when hands are placed on the grips, allowing treadmill to calculate and display heart manuql. Remove elevation landice l7 manual from landice l7 manual gear nut.

Page 26 Electrical Reference Harnesses Introduction Specifications Figure Page 12 Landice will reimburse the selling dealer according to our flat rate labor schedule. Adjustments Drive Belt Tension Figure Elevation System Failure 6. Don’t have an account?

Landice L Series Diagnostic And Service Manual

Remove Motor Brushes and inspect. Before lubricating, loosen treadbelt and slide clean towel under the treadbelt and wipe the deck and under the belt to remove dirt and debris.

When prompted, use the keypad or arrow keys to enter your age 10 to 99then press ENTER or wait 3 seconds. Treadmill Program Capabilities The treadmills have the following program landice l7 manual Press start on the Perform amp draw for a possible treadmill to see if it blows the fuse. Page 33 Installation Figure Manual Mode Executive Treadmill Operation 6. Pro Sports Treadmill Operation 1. Landice l7 manual detailed instructions, read the chapter manuql to your control landice l7 manual Reconnect the Elevation Mxnual wires.