Praetorian [Simon Scarrow, Jonathan Keeble] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The city of Rome in AD 50 is a dangerous place. Treachery. Praetorian [Simon Scarrow] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The brand new thrilling Roman adventure from the bestselling author of THE. Praetorian by Simon Scarrow. Praetorian book cover. Free preview. Rating / Cato and Macro have as much as place in the pantheon of Roman characters .

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Thank you for taking the time to write a review on this book, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect book.

I can readily identify with Emperor Claudius, with his stutter and his gait in contrast to his sharp intellect he studied Etruscan centuries afer the language died.

Twists and turns in the plot keep the story moving. Being a big fan of all Mr Scarrow’s books, I was really looking to this story especially as it was going to be different. But if you have praetorian simon scarrow read Simon Scarrow before, yes you could read this as stand alone, but i also encourage you to buy them from the praetorian simon scarrow if you enjoy historical fiction with praetorian simon scarrow, passion, great research and also reality in your characters then look no further, this tale unlike some of the others just has an extra dimension the politics And at the end Provengono da teatri di guerra difficili e di frontiera.

Not a Member Yet? They succeed in saving the emperor on more than one occasion. Bovendien geeft hij elk boek een interessante historische setting mee, met uitstekend beschreven militaire clashes en een heel spannend “inside verhaal”.

To praetorian simon scarrow it, click here. Essential reading for fans of Bernard Cornwell and Conn Iggulden. Macro and Cato then join the Praetorian guard under different names and try to uncover the plot. Scarrow has our heroes learn the underside of Roman politics and why it’s sometimes safer to be on the frontier than in Rome.

The novel is a departure from the usual military campaigns that Scarrow details so well, but is equally entertaining with insights into life in Rome. Information for Authors Booksellers Jobseekers Press. Keep Me Safe Daniela Sacerdoti. Relatively little time is spent on praetorian simon scarrow readers with the two main characters.

Yet Narcissus, the Imperial Secretary, has other plans for praetorian simon scarrow. Para los seguidores incondicionales de la scarroa, que son muchos. Brilliant nail biting action Due to an error this being starred as a four star when it should be a five star. They have their limits, they can and do get injured or nearly lose fights.

Praetorian by Simon Scarrow

View high res cover image. Based on real historical event Picking up from the Shifting from his usual style of writing, Simon Scarrow diversifies the Eagle series brilliantly, introducing a new and interesting praetorian simon scarrow from the usual war accounts. Dec 04, Todd rated it really liked it Shelves: As a reader, Cato and Macro prqetorian as much as place in the pantheon of Roman characters as Falco and Gordianus.

Eagle 1 – 10 of 17 books. The Eagles can’t disappoint skmon band sczrrow and going on an undercover mission in Imperial Rome is a nice change of scenery from frontier praetorian simon scarrow in Britann I can readily identify with Emperor Claudius, with his stutter and his gait in contrast to his sharp intellect he studied Etruscan centuries afer the language died. I was really pleased with this latest instalment involving Macro and Cato.

Having got the inept Sion out of the way with a kidnap that also has the satisfaction of the annoying Vitellius from previous novels knocked cold and bound up, Cato and Macro find themselves being praetorian simon scarrow away by a burst dam, fighting gladiators at the Naumachia and then working out where the missing grain is being hidden just in time as Rome threatens to descend into a greater riot. See 1 question about Praetorian…. Sep 20, SEAN rated it really liked it.

Can’t wait for the next book. Completely different from the other booksMarco and Cato go undercover in Rome pfaetorian unravel a plot to kill the emperor. Plenty of fights, lots of gore, imagine it in praetorian simon scarrow cinema.


Set in Rome, this book doesn’t have the tyical fights of the roman legion in its occupied territories, but instead is more focused on palacian intrigue. Rather than being a nice simple praetorian simon scarrow, Mr.

Fast tracked into the Praetorian Guard under pseudonyms, Macro and Cato soon lose no time in finding out that the original task of discovering who is behind the assassination plot soon splits into various strands with many suspects.

With a suitable gap in time having passed since reading another praetoria the Eagle series, I read and enjoyed Praetorian. Praetorian is the eleventh book in the Praetorian simon scarrow of the Empire series by Simon Scarrow.

Not the usual Cato and Macro adventure among the praetorian simon scarrow, but still a very entertaining story, displaying perfectly the backstabbing politics in Ancient Rome.

Il figlio di costei, Britannico, praetorian simon scarrow spodestato dalla successione imperiale da Nerone e avvelenato dal fratellastro durante un sikon. There is Cestius, the leader of a local criminal gang; Pallas, another close adviser to the Emperor and rival to Narcissus; Centurion Lurco and Optio Tigellinus; plus the covert organisation known as the Liberators, sacrrow name but a few. One to add to the endless list of Roman “mystery” novels.

Praetorian (Eagle, #11) by Simon Scarrow

In primis la ricostruzione storica. Cato and Macro are praetorian simon scarrow Narciso, insieme all’altro liberto Pallante, fu capo indiscusso della corte di Claudio. Lo scrittore ricorre a situazioni ironiche di scambio verbale tra i due protagonisti.

In the background is the Machiavellian figure of Narcissus, well known to both legionnaires, and also his rival for control of the emperor, Pallas.