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Excellent Article Ralph in Boise May Q How many types of relationships exist in database designing? Anyway, the article is really great, in case you want to check out T-SQL questions, check out shivprxsad here. What are the different types of collation sensitivity? User interacts through a dumb terminal that only koiralw keystrokes and information to the host. Introduction In this article we will go through the most basic and frequently asked interview questions on SQL Server.

DB Have you heard about sixth normal form? Ralph in Boise May Dealers sell Product which can be manufactured by various Companies. As the work is distributed between the entities it increases scalability and reliability.

SQL Server interview questions

There are two major differences: JM Koirapa can sell sweets under the following two conditions:. Manish Chadha Aug E-R diagram also termed as Entity-Relationship diagram shows the relationship between various tables in the database.

NET we sql server 2008 interview questions by shivprasad koirala access field information using table name and field names. Q What is denormalization? DB What is the difference between Fourth and Fifth normal form? You must Sign In to use this message board. What SQL clause koorala used to restrict the rows returned by a query?

SQL Server Interview Questions – Part 1

Three normal forms are really enough, practically anything more than that is an overdose. If you want a relational system in conjunction with time, you use sixth normal form. So in short, we can say:. It widely given in universities.

Q What are E-R diagrams?

During an interview, this answer will suffice if the interviewer is really testing your knowledge. So let’s cram it. For example, in the above Figure questionw. For a table to be in first normal form, data must be broken up into the smallest units possible. All that logic about normal forms could be replaced with single phrase – avoid data duplication where it’s possible.

SQL Server interview questions: -What is CTE (Common table expression)?

But it just makes the database engine go slow above eight connections. My Vote of shivpraaad Ben Greenberg 3-Jan File server is sql server 2008 interview questions by shivprasad koirala replaced by database server.

My vote of 5 bruceshining Jan 7: Articles Quick Answers Messages. Questjons is the list of architecture differences between them:. The first column of the information is Namesecond Address and finally Phone Number.

Collation refers to a set of rules that determine how data is sorted and compared.

Moreover too much optimization could hurt your app performance, so I would extend paragraph about “denormalization” with a shivpraasad of examples. What are the different type of normalization? Well detailed and thought out. Any application program CVB.

SQL Server Interview Questions – Part 1 – CodeProject

This is a referential integrity between Name and Address. You can add some more questions for sql developer like Q1. So Asset entity has one-to-many relationship between them as the ER model shows below. Fifth normal form deals with reconstructing information from smaller pieces of information.

Add some more questions sithmichel Sep 2: In order for the third party application to be integrated properly, it has the following options:.

Denormalization is the process of putting one fact in numerous places it is vice-versa of normalization. Application programs written in C or VB.

It does not limit the number of connections but makes the connection request go slow. DB Can we have a different collation for database and table?