Forms. Application for a Permanent Resident. Card (IMM ). Supplementary Identification Form. (IMM ). Document Checklist (IMM ). Receipt (IMM. Jun 20, Hi, On the checklist it states this form has to be signed in the box in black ink and the photo correctly attached. The form states the photo has to. Fill Formulaire De Renseignements Supplementaires Imm, download blank -B SUPPLEMENTARY IDENTIFICATION FORM RENSEIGNEMENTS SUPPL.

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You must list all your work and education history and must account for each month. As with all legal matters, you should have an attorney review any documents before you sign them. Photos without this backing are not acceptable.

The Introduction of the Downloadable IMM 5455 Supplementary Identification Form

If applicable, Use of a Representative IMM The following pages do not 4555 instructions for all the boxes on the forms. In addition, supplementary identification form imm 5455 use of mail resulted in the CIC bearing increased postage and handling costs too. However, he or she will not be able to conduct business on your behalf with CIC. Declaration of guarantor Your application must include a guarantor’s declaration.

Your declaration By signing, you authorize us to complete your request for yourself and your dependent children under 18 years of age. We will not process your application supplementary identification form imm 5455 you pay the fees. Show photo-identity documents to the official such as a passport, driver’s licence or provincial photoidentity card to prove your identity and signature. Keep the top portion Copy 1 for your files.

Your representative’s declaration Your representative must sign to accept responsibility for conducting business on your behalf. If selected, you will be asked to attend an interview supplementary identification form imm 5455 a Citizenship and Immigration official so that we can verify the documentation submitted is accurate, and that your application has been completed properly. If yes could you please let me know. This is the signature that will appear on your card. Most questions are clear; instructions are provided only identificqtion necessary.

Anyone got a Supplementary Identification Form (IMM )? – Forums

You may also phone our Call Centre. No partnership has been implied or created between LibraryOfLegalForms and you. If your application is incomplete, you will receive a letter asking you to provide the missing documents, information or fees. This application is made available free by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and is not to be sold to applicants.

These sections are on the back of the receipt. If you have paid too much, we will process your application and refund you the supplementary identification form imm 5455 of the overpayment as soon as possible.

Checking application status You can find out the current status of your application by logging on to our Web site at www. The same applies to children under 14 years of age; the guarantor must have known fogm child personally for at least two years. The authorities have made the necessary amendments in the Permanent Resident PR Card application and guide.

Because of these special features, the form supplementary identification form imm 5455 not available in a downloadable format until now.

★ IMM Supplementary Identification Form

You must use an original of the receipt form IMM ; a photocopy is not acceptable. The authorities will mount the photos with a stick-on adhesive patch. Lucian Supplementary identification form imm. For more information or to obtain an application, visit our Web site or contact our Call Centre listed in the Contact Information section. You must not fold or crease any of the forms or documents that you submit with your application.

Statutory declaration in lieu of guarantor. You will be notified in writing should your application be chosen. Url of this page: If you choose to hire a representative, your application will not be given special attention nor can you expect faster processing or a more favourable outcome. Humanitarian and Compassionate Supplementary identification form imm 5455 If you are unable to meet the residency obligation, we will consider any compelling humanitarian and compassionate factors in your individual circumstances that may justify the supplementary identification form imm 5455 of permanent resident status.

This site exists for informational purposes only. As the form is now downloadable, mailing it to the applicants is no longer necessary.

If you have supplementary identification form imm 5455 children aged 18 years or older, they are required to complete their own copy of this form if a representative is also conducting business on their behalf.

An application kit is available on our Web site at www. Mailing your Application Send your supplemdntary application to the address below.