Tehmina Durrani, a Pakistani English authoress, in her autobiography My Feudal Lord describes her traumatic marital life with Gulam Mustafa Khar, an important. 16 Mar Revealing all the details about Durrani’s fairytale-turned-nightmare, ‘My Feudal Lord’ still manages to win hearts by turning the tables on. My Feudal Lord: A Devastating Indictment of Women’s Role in Muslim Society [ Tehmina Durrani] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When a .

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Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. It turned out to be a surprisingly interesting read both in terms of narrative technique and content. He suffers from a number durrai disorders and needs to get treated. She was not allowed to think, and tehmina durrani my feudal lord perceptiveness became the danger, only her surrender to lethargic stupidity and active denial was protecting the shoddy structure of her marriage.

Tehmina Durrani

In the book she deals with the fact that Pakistani elites are chauvinistic people including her own father who earlier use give into his demanding, tehmina durrani my feudal lord nose wife. She also is bit hypocrite which is extremely evident in feuval actions and the words she says. With the most effect. When asked temina a divorce, though tehmina durrani my feudal lord pained, he granted one without much of a fuss.

Ms Durrani in this book is less upset of how Khar fooled the people he claimed to represent, she is more upset how he abused her individually, while abusing a woman is in itself inexcusable, what is notable is that did enjoy the priveleges associated with the life of a powerful lird wife gets you.

His violence becomes more intense. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

This is how Tehmina challenges the patriarchal structure denying all the roles of women as futile and abstract. She began an affair with Mustafa, even when tehmina durrani my feudal lord both had spouses. Her so-called roles are nothing but cultural constructs and a woman lod the power to challenge the whole patriarchy even at the cost of her closest relatives.

Book Review | My Feudal Lord by Tehmina Durrani

I wish the feudal system is uprooted in Pakistan. Ms Durrani in this book is less upset of how Khar fooled the people he claimed to represent, she is The book was an eye opener into lives and mentality of feudal lords, however what was quite obvious is that Ms Durrani is no saint as she expects people to conclude to, She herself was a debauchee, admitted to splurging tehmina durrani my feudal lord money without caring where it came from, admiring the two facedness of her double standard husband who really didnt care tehmina durrani my feudal lord the masses while pretending to be their saviour.

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He seems to resent Tehmina for her smoothness in imperial ways. Among her other siblings, Adila, the youngest and fairest of all was given the family title of princess.

A true story of life a lady who made few tehmina durrani my feudal lord following her heart, but the price she payed shows the true and real face of Elites, Feudal and Politicians in Pakistan.

Was she not saying her ‘Islamic prayers’ when she had illicit liasons her words, not mine with another woman’s husband while still married to Anees? Veronika Decides To Die. Over a three-year period, Durrani lived in Edhi’s home and accompanied him on his visits. Mar 01, Shalini rated it really liked it. She replies that now you would be known by tehmina durrani my feudal lord Name, as an ex-husband of Tehmina Durrani and not vicaversa,like he had earlier predicted His exact words to be like: Durrani and Khar had four children.

There are chapters on her survival after divorce when her children are taken away and there is no financial support for her too. Growing up, for me and many others during the cold war, Pakistan was always represented as this theocratic rogue, by the powers that be, always on the brink of war with India. In terms of writing, the book is greatly written.

A Philosophy of Nature. I want a normal home with peace and harmony.

So, technically, once again, she traded one powerful man for another – and not just any powerful man but THE most powerful man in Punjab, once again. I can understand why this book was scandalous when it was first released. Khar ko tau I’d like to g A humongous review will be put up on the blog soon. Most of us in the liberated world take them for granted…well books like these remind us not to….

There is a lot of Pakistani politics discussed, which while digresses from tehmina durrani my feudal lord main domestic violence story, is still very interesting. My Feudal Lord by Tehmina Durrani. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.