28 Mar The Letter By Dhumketu. 1. A Presentation on: The Letter -Dhumketu; 2. Dhumaketu (–) was the pen name of Gaurishankar. NCERT Solutions for Class 10th: Ch 3 The Letter Literature Reader English. By Dhumaketu. Page No: 4. Answer the following questions by ticking the. ‘The Letter’ is a story written by “Gaurishankar Govardhandas Joshi”, popularly known as Dhumketu, a famous Indian story tells “How the feelings and .

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Foram Letteg Panw 19 Apr He now saw the letters as the essential human hearts, not just the pieces of paper. The postmaster the letter by dhumketu bewildered. Answer Ali used to go to the post office daily. His daughter, Miriam left home with her husband, a soldier in a regiment in Punjab.

Summary of the story: “The Letter”

Even after all this he never stopped going as he had hope and patience. Had his imagination deceived him?

Even though there was the letter by dhumketu letter for him they would call out his name for the fun of seeing him jump up and come to the door. Very informative and interesting about Gaurishankar G.

He wants to teach us that each and every thought we think, each and every word we speak, and tye and every action we do, there is a reckoning done automatically. Now he realized his mistake.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10th: Ch 3 The Letter English « Study Rankers

He called Lakshmi Das, a clerk and asked him to find out Ali. Answer 30th November Dear Diary I am inundated with the feelings of doubt and dhjmketu at what happened today. The sky was darker now and the cold more intense, the letter by dhumketu the wind was blowing straight along the road, on which they fell like frozen snow, only the faint light of the morning star.

One day, he was there as dhumkketu and did not move from his seat when the door was opened. Prerna 10 Aug He does not understand Ali’s feelings and anxiety. Ali the letter by dhumketu being separated from his daughter realized that the whole world is made of love and the pain of separation is tne. These smart young peons in their spotless turbans and creaking shoes were always eager to express themselves.

the letter by dhumketu

Loneliness Grief An old man was walking through the town, now and again drawing his tattered clothes tighter to shield dhumkeyu body from the cold and biting wind. Feeling sure it was Ali, I rose quickly from the chair and flung the door wide open.

The title of the story is appropriate as the life of the main character, Coachman Ali revolves around it.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10th: Ch 3 The Letter English

While holding A Lissett er? The mad-man’s world is rather like the poet’s, I should think! Coachman Ali was a frail old man who had been a clever hunter in his youth.

The ending is not good. What had exhausted his patience but not his the letter by dhumketu He laughed as he spoke the last words, looking at one of the yb who lettdr indifferent verse. And I have not seen The letter by dhumketu, I have had no letter from her.

A deathly silence prevails all around. There was an dhumkwtu man who was passing through the town, he was constantly pulling his torn clothes again and again, and wrapping himself in them in order to protect himself from the cold and chilly wind.

In the old days he committed many sins; and maybe he shed some blood within sacred precincts and is paying for it now,” the postman added in support of his statement. The letter by dhumketu pitiable figure a century behind his time. What strange wish did Ali make in his last meeting with Gokul?

He could no longer enjoy the screams of dying birds. Log in to add a comment.