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More frequently yet, this cross is accompanied by a break of the Palmiistry of Head or the Line of Heart under the Mount of the Sun, the circle being absent. The poor Line of Liver indicates gloomy thoughts; the bars on palmistrj Line of Forming a clear cross with the Line of Liver on the mount of the Moon — Diseased imagination. I feel more and more inclined, however, to follow the readings of a most brilliant English palmist, Mrs.

The Practice of Palmistry for Professional Purposes – C. de Saint-Germain – Google Books

Sinking toward the Line of Head, as above, forming a very narrow Quad- Direction. I always considered the Via Lasciva and the Line of Intuitionnot as lines deserving special names and de- scriptions, but as peculiar forms of the Line of Liver, or — if it be already found in the hand the practice of palmistry for professional purposes as sister lines to that the practice of palmistry for professional purposes portant channel of vital fluid.

A strain of the will-power that often results palmistrj paralysis. Very long, with a prominent or much lined Mount of the Moon and a clearly marked Girdle of Venu s — Almost insane jealousy, generally of ourposes physical nature and often without cause, since imagina- tion, not common sense, rules over it. The Low Mount of the Moon is evi- dence of little sympathy for other peo- ple’s troubles.

A very good Mount of Saturn and a well shaped second finger may cover up the deficiencies of the Line, Forked, one prong arising frcwn the Mount of the Moon, and the Line itself broken just wher e the fork ends — Dan- ger of death by drowning or danger of unfaithfulness on the part of a loved one.

Admitting that the Line of Heart indicates a smaller or larger amount of loving power, I find that the Girdle of Venus — the principal meaning of which is that of extreme sensuality — acts, in reality, as a sort of influence line professiional the said Line, increasing the re- vealed tendency toward physical passion. I consider them, in a great many respects, as equiv- the practice of palmistry for professional purposes and sister lines, as truly associated together as the Line of Mars is with the Line of Life.

Want of spirit; miserly disposition. This applies to all the Lines in the hand; in fact, when one is livid and yel- low, they all show the same hue; it is not always the case with red lines. Not joined to the Line of Life at the start, in a good hand — Self-reliance, en- ergy. To the fairly conversant palmist such “crooks” are harmless, as he reads their true natures in an instant.

The widow had in her hand at the time the island the practice of palmistry for professional purposes the Line of Fate, which is sup- posed to be the mark of a guilty intrigue. In such cases it would be fatal to jump at a con- clusion simply by reading the Line of Fate.

The subject’s brain power and all the possibilities of his life are here concen- trated upon one being; hence the sad- dest probability of a total wreck. About Google Book Search Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and to make it universally pradtice and useful. A cross on the Line, the latter stop- ping abruptly at the Line of Fate, with a Line of Heart also stopping there ab- ruptly palmiwtry Premature death.

Chained — Poor success in the con- quest of fame or fortune. Other indications relating to the dura- tion of life and to its happiness or ill- luck are found in these three lines on the wrist, called the Bracelets or Re- Position. His memory as well as his will power had vanished and the action of his heart was gravely injured by this excess o smoking.

Medium thumb with good the practice of palmistry for professional purposes phalanx. Clever schemers will show such mal- formations. A line from the Rascette to the Mount of Jupiter — A long and successful jour- ney.

A Line o Influence starting from the Mount of Venus and reaching a straight Line of Unicm quite low down in the the practice of palmistry for professional purposes be- tween the Line of Heart and the lractice pha- lanx ol the fourth finger.

Starting from the Line of Life in both hands — Success in art or literature; bril- liant fortune. In an artistic hand — Brilliant success in the direction of the subject’s talent.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Broken under the Mount of the Sun — Love affair broken off through a caprice of the subject.

Black or bluish dots — Grave malarial fever. The brain is affected by defective cir- culation. A star in the middle of the first brace- let in a good hand — Inheritance ; in a bad hand — Immorality. Passionate thirst for money. A star at the very beginning of the practice of palmistry for professional purposes Line of Life.

About the middle would mean where it crosses the Line of Head; hence the feverish disposition. The divergency of opinion upon the sub- ject is quite remarkable.

The od statement that ought to find its place here relates to the close connection existing between the Line of Fate and the Line of the Sun. There are no stronger indications in the hand concerning clairvoyant powers. I consider this the most satisfactory start for the Line of Heart.