Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Rihards Olups has over 10 years of experience in IT. Zabbix Network Monitoring – Kindle edition by Rihards Olups. as some of zabbix forum participants might have noticed, there’s a recently published book on zabbix – “Zabbix Network Monitoring “. Zabbix already supported network discovery, and now brings both improvements to the network.

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DejaVu font is now used for graphs for nice looking text – and for Unicode capabilities. It is now possible to define complex regular expression with easy to use interface and reuse them with simple reference. Deal of the Day Implement blockchain principles in your choice of domain using Ethereum. Installed on Linux, you can monitor both local and remote devices easily. Personally, I feel that monitofing is one of the least understood areas in the Zabbix system, though no where near trigger expressions and “status”.

Taking Care of Zabbix. Login or .18 Up. Custom graphs, along with a couple simplistic reports, allow to look at the data in context. Zabbix screens is a feature that allows to group many frontend elements, including graphs, network maps, raw data and many others. Zahbix employed by a government agency, Rihards was mostly involved in open source software deployments ranging from server to desktop grade software, with a big emphasis on Zabbix.

This scrollbar allows easy dragging and resizing of it. The new tool make it easier than it was in my day, but there is so only so much that the tool can do it and it barely scratches the surface of the trigger expression system. Simon monnitoring it really liked it Mar 24, Looking at shiny graphs is tempting, but sometimes you need the real data.

See the installation section for new installations. Using icons on the screen edges, rows now can be inserted and removed from arbitrary zanbix.

All that and more is possible with this new feature. In addition to ability to edit trigger expressions directly, a frontend to create triggers visually has been added. Network discoveryavailable in previous versions, has received multiple improvements.

questions after reading “Zabbix 1.8 Network Monitoring” book

Mutal marked it as to-read Oct 09, Offline documentation can still be obtained with ODT export functionality. Filters in other sections of the frontend have been improved as well, allowing to get to the data easier and more quickly.

Working Closely with Data. If a host provides some service on multiple IP addresses, it would be discovered as multiple hosts in Zabbix versions before 1. Finally, while I thought there should have been more attention paid to building trigger expressions in the book, overall I was still happy with what was there and the way it was presented.

Find Ebooks and Videos by Technology Android. Virtual and Augmented Reality. In Zabbix, single control is used to select time period displayed for many views, including simple and custom graphs, raw data, screens and web monitoring.

Support for user definable macros or variables has been added. Zabbix ICMP items now are much more flexible. Now SSH and telnet can be used for direct, agent-less monitoring. Zabbjx able to quickly find desired data gathering entries is crucial to efficient configuration, and in Zabbix 1.

Now history strings change appropriately. I was also quite happy to see the section regarding some of the direct DB manipulations. Ability to manually unblock users who have been locked out by bruteforce protection was added. Zabbix frontend records all operations in an audit log.

questions after reading “Zabbix Network Monitoring” book – ZABBIX Forums

It graphs everything, so there is no need to have Cacti or Munin or some zabbix RRDtool setup in addition. Packt Hub Technology news, analysis, and tutorials from Packt. Learn more Add to cart. Not nework annoying as the missing articles though. What You Will Learn Monitor servers that runs on most Unix-like operating systems, including Linux, AIX, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris, as well as Windows boxes Use proxies to monitor remote locations Visualize monitorign data with graphs, pie charts, network maps, and other elements Directly monitor your SNMP v1, 2, and 3 and IPMI devices Monitor any possible source of data with flexible user parameters Simplify and streamline your Zabbix configuration using templates Monitor your network by creating reports and charts zanbix the built-in reporting capabilities of Zabbix Learn about the best options for showing data on a large display for help desk or technical personnel.

Then chapter two moves onto configuration, ending with getting your first alert. Host and host group maintenance has been added to Zabbix. Previous version of Zabbix had a dependency on a third party library called sqlora8. Item configuration section is the one where all aspects regarding data gathering are configured, thus it is displaying quite a lot of information.

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